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June 03, 2009



Thanks for this, Todd. So well said.


Thank you for taking time to write on this topic! Such a timely conversation - especially for those of us in reconciliation type ministries.

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Laura Blair

Todd, I understand what you are trying to say, but why must you look for examples of people who don't really speak for the prolife movement. They're either kooks or extremists who have nothing to do with valuing life. Why not , instead, praise those who are sincerely trying to inform others (many of whom do not know)- what exactly is in the womb-one of us- another human. What we do to 'the Least of these', we do to Christ. How can you find fault with efforts to help women with unwanted pregnancies and to save innocent life?

Todd B

Laura, thanks for reading and writing. I appreaciate the chance to clarify my points and the challenge from the points of others.

This blog is about forgiveness, repentance and reconciliation. I point out the principles I am learning through all sorts of topics. The point of this post was not to demonize or praise anyone, but rather to point out what happens, even to victims, when they do not guard their hearts from unrepentance.

In the end,they can become just as unjust as those they are opposing. I found the news surrounding the killing of this abortion doctor to be a perfect example of this important point.

I think it is important for abortion opponents not to dismiss people who go to extremes as kooks, because that keeps us from realizing that if we don't constantly work on our own humility and repentance, we too can become the extremists and kooks.

Look at every resistance movement against injustice. There are always people who end up doing the same wrong for which they have judged others.

This doesn't get us anywhere and doesn't move us toward the ultimate goal of justice. And, for Christians, this is certainly not the way of Christ.

So, I have no problem with people pointing out what they believe about the death of babies. But they must guard against the belief that they are morally or otherwise superior, more deserving of God's love, grace and patience, etc., than those they see as the enemy.

If I were doing a different type of blog, I might write to praise those who stand for unborn children. But that is not what I do. That is for another blog and for another blogger.

I think there are lots of anti-abortion blogs and sites heaping plenty of praise and approbation on those who stand for this cause. My role in this case, I think, is to call people back to humility.

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