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October 30, 2008


mark foshager

todd, really, really good probe into motives and attitudes (heart) in this whole issue. and you're right - we're all so unaware of our biases and thus blind in various ways to seeing reality and grasping truth. this is true perhaps especially if we believe scripture. thanks, todd. i look forwardt to the next post.


Thanks for taking the time to address this thoughtfully. I tend to agree with most of what you've written in its basic approach. I think there are legitimate quarrels with the distinction between innocent life (bystanders in war and abortion) vs. the death penalty (ostensibly carried out only on the guilty) but your line of reasoning about the way our culture ultimately carries us to viscerally hold to certain issues as more important than others is right on.

As one who is also quite interested in a bridge building approach I personally find great pause when I see that a large group of brothers and sisters who profess Christ but come from a differing culture disagree with one that I come from. so I really want to understand why (as Mark Noll has documented) there are no 2 US voting blocks closer to one another in understanding of personal morality than white evangelicals and black protestants -- and no 2 groups further apart in the way they vote.

Rather than argue politics, should we ask "why?". Emerson's book you referred to earlier is perhaps the best resource out there to start this exploration.

Good words brother.

Jesse Curtis

I agree with your analysis of how we hold on to positions based on all sorts of factors beyond our Christianity. There is a need for much greater humility. Christians should not be questioning each other's character every 4 years based on their party identification!
A frustrating thing for me is the way people sometimes imply that a Christian who votes on the abortion issue is narrow minded. I agree with your statement here:
"So, once again we see that what seems so clear is much less clear when we take a step back and see from a broader perspective." However, some Christians have taken that step back, looked at all the issues and agonized over them, and still concluded that abortion outweighs everything else. Is that position correct? I'm not sure. But it's certainly not narrow-minded.

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